2015—Year In Photos

In a few hours, we will bid farewell to 2015 and welcome 2016. I usually do a end-of-year post of some of my favourite photos and events over the year, but missed 2014 as I was overseas. I continue the tradition this year, with my favourite photos of 2015.

Here we go.

In Jan 2015, I finally had the chance to visit Yosemite National Park, the quintessential location for landscape photographers. As it was a day tour, I didn’t get to stay for as long as I’d have liked, though.

Tunnel View, Yosemite

And also, The Grand Canyon.

Colarado River winding through Grand Canyon West Rim

Back in Singapore, in April, I caught the lunar eclipse of the “Blood Moon”.

Composite image of the lunar eclipse on 3 Apr 2015 as the moon emerges from totality.

I also got to visit the Raffles Lighthouse and discovered the beautiful southern islands from the top.

Raffles Lighthouse
Turquoise Waters Surrounding Pulau Satumu

And not to forget, Singapore’s 50th year of independence, dubbed SG50. The National Day Parade finished off with spectacular fireworks.

Spectators shoot the fireworks display on their mobile phones at the Waterfront Promenade outside the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The country celebrated her 50th year of independence on 9 Aug 2015.

August also brought us Singapore’s eighth Night Festival, with the performances by Starlight Alchemy and Theater Tol being the highlights.

Singapore-based fire performance group, Starlight Alchemy, performing “Alchemy”, a 3-part story of Apollo from the world of Ethereal Light and Nuri from the world of Eternal Flame, at the Singapore Night Festival 2015.
Angels descend in front of the National Museum of Singapore in a performance titled “Garden of Angels” by Theater Tol from Belgium

Interestingly, in October, there’s the Singapore River Festival, which is somewhat similar to the Singapore Night Festival.

The red fans of the performers forms the numbers 5 0, signifying Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.
Les Voyageurs by Cédric le Borgne

Finally, in November, I visited one of my dream photography locations, Iceland. My friends and I were treated to a wonderful display of the aurora borealis not once, but three consecutive nights. Talk about being lucky! I’ll be posting more photos from the trip soon.

Silhouette of myself at Myvatn, Iceland under a giant swirl of the Aurora Borealis accompanied by a few meteorites in the sky.


Icebergs and ice formations at the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon in Iceland.

Here’s to another great year!

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