Morning Shoot with YS

Went on another early morning shoot with YS at the amphitheatre of the Esplanade. On this day, the waters aren’t as still as one of my earlier shoots, but it’s still a reasonably good time to shoot the Marina Bay Sands and the skyline as the water is still calmer compared to the evening.

Singapore Skyline at Dawn

The Marina Bay Sands is now more or less complete, so I am now able to get a shot of it with less of  the cranes and other construction equipment. However, the lotus-shaped ArtScience Musuem somehow isn’t lit today. From my past experience shooting it, it appears that the Marina Bay Sands is nicer looking at twilight compared to daylight, when it starts to look rather drab.

Marina Bay Sands at Dawn

Soon enough, the sun started to rise behind the Singapore Flyer.

The sun rises behind the Singapore Flyer, currently the world's tallest observation wheel.

And finally, the sun rose high enough to bath the Singapore skyline with its warm, golden rays of light. The iconic Merlion is currently part of an art installation known as the Merlion Hotel, seen as a red “box” in the middle of the photo below.

Singapore skyline in the morning

It’s almost the end of the shoot and we packed up to have breakfast. Along the way, I saw the reflection of the skyline on the reflecting pool in front of the Esplanade and took a shot. I simply held my camera above the pool and took a low-angle shot. It was slightly tilted so I had to correct it during post processing.

Singapore skyline reflection

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