Garden of Light

One of my favourite installations of the i Light Marina Bay 2012 festival is the Garden of Light. Commissioned specially for the festival, it is created by Singapore’s Hexagon Solutions and uses 3D digital mapping technology to project animation onto the petals of the ArtScience Museum. My shots of that installation all had black skies… Continue reading Garden of Light

Slow Shutter Techniques

We all know that we can use a Neutral Density (ND) filter to slow down the shutter speeds to get really smooth water when shooting waterfalls, or to smooth out the ripples on the water surface, something like this:- During our recent morning shoot, Jed taught us another technique we can use. This involves taking… Continue reading Slow Shutter Techniques

Morning Shoot with YS

Went on another early morning shoot with YS at the amphitheatre of the Esplanade. On this day, the waters aren’t as still as one of my earlier shoots, but it’s still a reasonably good time to shoot the Marina Bay Sands and the skyline as the water is still calmer compared to the evening. The… Continue reading Morning Shoot with YS