Early Morning Shoot at Merlion Park

Joined Kit and several other ClubSNAP members this morning. As I found out from an earlier trip, the waters are stiller in the early hours, resulting in near-perfect reflections. This is shot at about 6:30am, just before the Merlion water jet is turned on.

Here’s a slightly tigher crop.

As the day breaks, I decided to see what I can get from the Merlion side.

The sun finally rose behind the Singapore Flyer, currently the world’s tallest observation wheel. I wonder what that lighthouse-like structure to the right of the Flyer is.

I also went back to the Merlion side again, this time with a Panasonic Lumix LX-3 and got this.

By this time, the Singapore Skyline is nicely lit. Usually, when shooting from the Merlion Park, one would need to tilt the camera upwards which results in converging verticals in the buildings. This makes them look as if they were falling backwards.

Kit has a nice tip about shooting this in portrait mode with a wide angle lens. You’d still need a reasonably wide lens though. For this, I used a Nikkor AF-S 12-24mm f/4G DX on my Nikon D200. In 35mm terms, this is roughly equivalent to a 18-36mm lens.

Even with a 12-24mm lens (18-36mm equivalent on my Nikon D200), I can’t do a landscape shot of it without tilting up. The next best thing then, is to shoot several vertial shots and stitch them together. I’ve also cropped this to a 16:9 ratio.

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