Early Morning Shoot at the Esplanade

This is my first early morning shoot with Kit and some ClubSNAP members. I am not much of an early morning person, but seeing the photos taken by Kit and the rest inspired and motivated me to wake up early to join them.

One thing about early morning shoots which I learnt from this trip is that the waters are very still. This makes for very good reflections of the buildings in the background. Such stillness is not seen in evening shots.

From this location (Esplanade Amphitheatre) it’s relatively easy to get a shot of the skyline without the converging verticals effect if you have an ultra-wide angle lens. For the below shot, I used a Nikkor AF-S 12-24mm f/4G DX on my Nikon D200. This is roughly equivalent 18-36mm on full-frame (FX) cameras.

As the day breaks, I also wanted a shot of the Marina Bay Sands. Not wanting to change my painstakingly-aligned main camera, I wrapped my GorillaPod to one of the steel cables of the amphitheatre, attached my Panasonic Lumix LX-3 to it and took a shot.

After the sun is fully up, I tried an Infrared (IR) shot using the LX3 and a Hoya R72 IR filter.


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