Roman Baths

This is the last stop of my day trip to Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and the Roman Baths. Located in the city of Bath, the Roman Baths is a complex housing a temple and a public bath with naturally occurring hot water from the hotspring below. Today, the water is no longer safe for drinking/bathing. Around… Continue reading Roman Baths

Salisbury Cathedral

This is the 2nd stop of my day trip to Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and Bath. The British people have weird and unintuitive ways to pronounce many of the places in the UK, so I was quite intrigued that Salisbury is actually pronounced solz-bree and not Sa-lis-buh-ree as it’s written. Anyway, when I got there, the… Continue reading Salisbury Cathedral


I’ve always wanted to see the Stonehenge in person, so I had to make a trip down when I was holidaying in the UK last year. Booked a day tour of Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and Bath (more about them in a later blog post), and after about a 3-hour journey, I arrived. After walking from… Continue reading Stonehenge

Waterfalls in UK

Other than the beautiful Black Linn Falls at The Hermitage, there are a few other waterfalls that Jed and I went to as well. On the way up the Gibson’s Cave and Summerhill Force is this unnamed fall. A 10-stop ND filter is used to obtain a long exposure which gives the silky-smooth effect to… Continue reading Waterfalls in UK

The Hermitage

Located in The Hermitage at Dunkeld, Scotland, Ossian’s Hall is a little nondescript building which overlooks the Black Linn Falls. It’s the beginning of fall, so the trees have started to change colour, which makes a good backdrop for the little house. Entering the house reveals a lookout point for the Black Linn Falls. Again,… Continue reading The Hermitage

Calton Hill, Edinburgh

When I first arrived at Edinburgh, I was greeted by the typical greyish UK weather. I was kind of disappointed but since I was already there I decided to see what I can get out of it. I’ve seen many nice photographs taken from Calton Hill, so despite the appalling weather decided to go up… Continue reading Calton Hill, Edinburgh

Loch Katrine

Our final stop is Loch Katrine, where we also stopped at the Stronachlachar Pier Tea Room for a drink and some snacks. It’s a cosy little place and the owner appears to be a photography enthusiast as well, working on some beautiful photos which he’s taken in the morning. Outside the tea room, we can… Continue reading Loch Katrine