I’ve always wanted to see the Stonehenge in person, so I had to make a trip down when I was holidaying in the UK last year. Booked a day tour of Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and Bath (more about them in a later blog post), and after about a 3-hour journey, I arrived.

After walking from the coach park, ticket counter and a tunnel with some murals depicting the history of stonehenge, the structure finally loomed in front of me, and I got to say the first impression is kind of underwhelming. They turned out to be not as huge as I had expected. Furthermore, it’s fenced off and visitors are quite a distance from them. Apparently they did this after countless tourists started chipping off the stones as souvenirs, so they had to be kept off the stones.

The weather that day was good, especially after several typically grey days I have in London. I took a more or less standard shot of it, which didn’t turn out fantastic. And it looks rather like one of the Windows XP wallpapers too.


As I walked around the monument, I noticed that the sky and clouds was rather pretty. So I did another shot with more emphasis on the sky/clouds and I liked it much better. No polariser is used here, by the way.


I also took the same shot on my iPhone 4, which turned out pretty good. It’s now my iPhone wallpaper too.

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