More Megapixels Does Not Give You a Better Picture

Attended a short talk “My Journey, 30 Years On” where Joe McNally shares with the participants the 30 years of his photographic career and some of the backstory behind some of his shots.

Among the snippets of information he shared with us is what I paraphrased here:

More megapixels does not necessarily give you a better picture. They just give you more detailed crap.

This is so true. With all the camera and phone makers rushing to produce devices with more and more megapixels, consumers often forget that it’s not the megapixels which make a good image. Very often, I hear people saying, “Oh, my camera/phone camera sucks because it’s only xx megapixels.” They couldn’t be more wrong.

Most camera phones suck not because they are only a certain (low) number of megapixels, but because they either have crappy lenses, a crappy sensor, or both. And cramming more megapixels into a small sensor is not going to help. In fact, it might be worse (hence the “more detailed crap” bit above.)

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