Thoughts on the Lytro Camera

Launched last year and recently shipped, the Lytro camera is a revolutionary camera from Lytro Inc. which uses light field technology. The main selling point is that it allows you to readjust the focus of an image after it’s been taken, thereby eliminating the blurry shots that supposedly plague consumers. Following its announcement, there were… Continue reading Thoughts on the Lytro Camera

More Megapixels Does Not Give You a Better Picture

Attended a short talk “My Journey, 30 Years On” where Joe McNally shares with the participants the 30 years of his photographic career and some of the backstory behind some of his shots. Among the snippets of information he shared with us is what I paraphrased here: More megapixels does not necessarily give you a… Continue reading More Megapixels Does Not Give You a Better Picture

It’s Not the Camera

We all have heard of the oft-mentioned “It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer”. Here’s Lee Morris from doing an entire shot using just an iPhone 3GS mounted on a tripod. Granted, he has several thousand dollars worth of studio lighting, but it’s still pretty darn amazing what the iPhone can do.