Wrath of the Gods

Lightning storm over Our Tampines Hub on 9 Oct 2017. (2-shot composite)

According to the National Environmental Agency (NEA), Singapore has the world’s highest occurrence of lightning activity in the world. As we approach the monsoon season, we experience more thunderstorms throughout the day and night. Yesterday is one such night where there’s large storm, accompanied with a intense lightshow of lightning bolts. After the rain has subsided enough to let… Continue reading Wrath of the Gods

Year 2013 – Year In Photos

Time really flies this year. Before we know it, 2013 is all but gone and 2014 is hours away. I am posting this as I have always done, recalling my favourite photographic moments of the year. In March, I was elated when I was informed that one of my photos of the Supertrees at the… Continue reading Year 2013 – Year In Photos

Photographing Lightning

It was a dark and stormy night. Frequent bolts of lightning lit up the night sky followed by the rumble of thunder. I never really captured lightning with my camera so I decided to give it a try and quickly set up my camera on the tripod and pointed it out of the window.