Celestial Triangle

Jupiter, Venus and the moon form a triangle in the pre-dawn sky on 16 July 2012. The planet at the top is Jupiter, followed by Venus and the crescent moon below.

I was treated to another astronomical phenomenon this morning, where the planets Jupiter, Venus and the waning-crescent moon formed a “celestial triangle” in the pre-dawn sky today morning. I had previously read about this occurrence on National Geographic’s website but unsure if I would be able to see it in Singapore. So it’s to my surprise and delight when I looked out of the window early this morning and saw the triangle. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots as the sky gradually grew brighter.  The above is one of the earlier shots.

Here’s another shot of the triangle, which includes a little more of the surroundings.

The Celestial Triangle formed by Jupiter, Venus and the moon early today morning.

Back in March, I was also lucky to see and catch the Venus-Jupiter conjunction. Hope to catch more of these sky shows in future.

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