An Evening at the Gardens by the Bay

Lit Supertrees from the Supertree Grove at dusk.

Shortly after the Gardens by the Bay opened to the public on 29 June 2012, people flocked to this spanking new attraction, filling Facebook timelines, Twitter and Instagram feeds with photos from the gardens. I found the dusk photos to be especially attractive and so decided to check it out for myself last Friday evening after work.

As I had intended the trip to be more to check things out at the place, I brought along only my trusty and ageing Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 compact camera as well as a Joby Gorillapod. After a series of MRT train changes, I finally arrived at Bayfront MRT Station and took the escalator up the Lion’s Bridge which connects the Marina Bay Sands to the Gardens by the Bay South via the Dragonfly Bridge. The light was fast fading as I took a few shots before heading to the Supertree Grove to see the OCBC Garden Rhapsody light show taking place in about 10 minutes.

A view of the Gardens by the Bay South, showing the Flower Dome, Dragonfly Bridge/Lake and the Supertrees.

The light show shortly after I arrived at the Supertree Grove, dazzling the crowd with ever-changing colours synchronised to a musical soundtrack.

Supertrees at dusk
Supertrees sparkling with colour during the OCBC Garden Rhapsody light show.

Without a proper tripod, it’s rather hard to shoot the light show properly, and I had several failed shots. Thankfully I managed to get a couple of satisfactory ones such as the above, which was shot lying on the seating area under one of the Supertrees. This location calls for an ultra-wide-angle lens as well!

After the OCBC Garden Rhapsody, I found local electronica musician The Analog Girl performing on stage. Using her Yamaha Tenori-On LED Sequencer and other musical gadgets including a Macbook and an iPad, she kept the audience in awe with her music synchronised to computer graphics displayed on the big screen.

The Analog Girl performing on stage.
The Analog Girl performing on the Tenori-On.
The Analog Girl performing on stage.
The Analog Girl performing on stage.
The audience enjoying the performance at the Supertree Grove.


That’s all I have for this post. Watch this space for more photos from my latest trip to the garden.

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