Dawn of a New Day

On this brand new day of this brand new year 2012, David, Kit and I, along with several ClubSnappers went for a morning shoot. We went to the waterfront in front of the Artscience Museum at the Marina Bay Sands to shoot the Singapore Skyline. I usually prefer the view over from the Esplanade Theatre but went along to try out a different angle.

David and I arrived at about 6am and noticed that there were some interesting cloud formations. They were rapidly changing and we took many shoots, here’s one. I am still puzzled why the reflections were skewed the way it is.

Interesting cloud formations behind the Singapore Skyline before daybreak.

Soon it’s daybreak and we start to see some blue in the sky.

Singapore Skyline at daybreak

And before long the sun started to rise and some pink hues appeared in the sky just like what I saw in a previous shoot from the Esplanade outdoor theatre. However, they weren’t as pronounced as before, so the shot below has been slightly enhanced.

Pink hues appear in the sky as the day breaks at the Singapore Skyline

I had originally hoped to do a “first sunrise of 2012” kind of shoot on this trip but it was not to be. Shortly after the shot above was taken, the sky remained cloudy. This time round, we did not manage to get shots of the skyline lit by the golden rays of the sun, it remained drab and gray. 🙁

Kit gave a short briefing to the group on some basic architectural photography tips before we adjourned for breakfast. Along the way, we noticed a lot of people standing around the Helix Bridge looking towards the Marina Bay Sands. Looks like there is some event going on. We waited around a bit, and realised that there were some BASE jumpers getting ready to jump off the Marina Bay Sands Skypark. This was an event organised by the Marina Bay Sands where 7 professional BASE jumpers launch off the Skypark, parachuting down on Bayfront bridge.

Gin Pak kindly lent me his 75-300VR lens to shoot them. However, in the excitement I forgot I was still on ISO 100 and didn’t get a fast enough shutter speed to get sharp pics of the jumpers. Here are some of the better shots.

A base jumper parachutes off the Marina Bay Sands Skypark.
A base jumper jumps off a platform at the Marina Bay Sands Skypark
Another base jumper parachuting down the Marina Bay Sands.

That’s all for now. Here’s to a great year ahead!

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