Henderson Waves

Standing at 36m above Henderson Road, the Henderson Waves is Singapore’s tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. It links Mt. Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill and is part of the Southern Ridges, a 9km trail that links several parks in the southern end of Singapore. The distinctive feature of the bridge are the wave-like structures spanning the bridge which forms rest areas for visitors.

Inspired by the shots posted on Flickr of the bridge at dusk, Jed and I decided to go shoot it one weekend when he visited last year. However to our disappointment, the place isn’t as empty as the Flickr shots we’ve seen. There are countless joggers, walkers and people just milling about. Nevertheless, we took a few photos whenever it cleared slightly.

Jed taking a photo of the Henderson Waves as the sun sets.

As the sky darkens towards the magic hour, the contrast between the light and the dark areas became too high for the camera, so I decided to shoot a series of 5 photos for HDR processing. I didn’t get to do the HDR processing until now, and here it is.

Couples relaxing at the benches under the wave-like shelters at the Henderson Waves at dusk.

Just before packing up and leaving the place, I decided to try shooting a radically different angle. I held the camera up against the wall of the bridge’s wooden railing, zoomed all the way out on my Nikkor AF-S 12-24mm f/4 lens and took a shot. This resulted in an abstract and unique viewpoint of the bridge. It does pay to try out different/non-conventional angles when shooting your subjects.

Henderson Waves from a different viewpoint

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