Occupy Hong Kong Protests Part 2—Admiralty & Causeway Bay

Colourful Tents along Connaught Road Central at Admiralty, Hong Kong

Continuing from my short write-up about the protest site in Mong Kok, we move on to Admiralty, which is the main protest site and also where the protests began. The site is situated right outside the central government buildings and thus chosen by the protesters to make their point.

A ground-level view of the tents along Connaught Road Central, Admiralty, Hong Kong.
Another view of the colourful tents along Connaught Road Central. Several banners can be seen draped onto the overhead bridge in the background.

The protest site at Admiralty is also where the artistic side of the protesters is shown.

A group of people making paper umbrellas at the Admiralty protest site in Hong Kong.

The now-famous Umbrella Man statue is the mascot of the protests. It was created by a 22-year old student who called himself “Milk” and is made of several wooden blocks.

Umbrella Man by “Milk”, a 22-year old student.
A woman stops by and reads the poster around the “Umbrella Man”, a sculpture created by 22-year old student “Milk”.

The Admiralty site is also where the “Lennon Wall” is situated. Inspired by the one in Prague, Czech Republic, it consists of colourful Post-It Notes pasted on the wall of a staircase leading to an overhead bridge. The notes contains democratic wishes for Hong Kong during the 2014 protests.

Colourful Post-It Notes on the Lennon Wall along a staircase leading up to an overhead bridge.
Close-up of the colourful Post-It Notes on the Lennon Wall in Admiralty, Hong Kong.
Visitors looking at and writing wishes on Post-It Notes at the Lennon Wall at Admiralty, Hong Kong.

Back at the base of the government buildings, protesters setup a canopy of colourful, broken umbrellas, shielding the people below from the sun.

A canopy of colourful umbrellas below the Central Government Offices at Admiralty.

Protesters also occupied a small site at Hong Kong’s shopping district, Causeway Bay. Like the Admiralty and Mong Kok sites, it was very peaceful when I was there.

A pair of policemen watches over the protest site at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
A big yellow umbrella emblazoned with various posters and messages.
A passer-by takes a photo of the Causeway Bay site with his smart phone.

Seems like Hong Kongers love origami – paper umbrellas can be seen everywhere, including Causeway Bay.

Colourful origami umbrellas at Causeway Bay


More origami umbrellas
A tongue-in-cheek pair of posters pasted on the road. The left one says, ”Been busy?” and the right one says, ”Have you forgotten?”. The next line on both reads, ”Fight till the end!”.
More protest posters
A passer-by takes photo of the posters at the Causeway Bay site.

By now, the government in Hong Kong are starting to clear the protest sites. I’m glad to have seen and photograph the event without all the violence. Let’s hope that something good comes out of this.

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