Futuristic Workers

Workers put in finishing touches on the futuristic-looking dome of the new National Stadium, part of the Singapore Sports Hub.

After 4 years of construction, including a few delays, due in part to the 2008 financial crisis, the New National Stadium of Singapore is finally ready. Part of the Singapore Sport Hub which consists of an aquatic centre and an indoor arena, the new stadium will play host to the World Cup 10s Rugby on June 21/22.

Meanwhile, workers put in finishing touches to the retractable dome roof – the world’s largest – of the stadium. I spotted them when I was documenting the old overhead bridge in front of the stadium which spans Nicoll Highway. As there is now a new overhead bridge nearby, I had a feeling that it’d soon be demolished and wanted to document it before it’s gone for good. More on that in a latter blog post.

I composed the shot to make use of the clear blue sky (which in Singapore also meant that it’s bloody hot!), placing the futuristic-looking dome at the bottom third of the photo.

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