Singapore Night Festival 2013: Night Lights

“The Magic Melody”, an interactive video mapping projection on the Singapore Art Museum being reflected over the reflecting pool of the Bras Basah MRT Station.

Like last year, this year’s Singapore Night Festival also features several light installations spread over the festival grounds. This year, some of the installations introduced interactive elements, allowing the visitors to be a part of the artwork instead of just being passive displays. Here are some of them I visited over the last weekend. The installation will be on display again on 30-31 August 2013 from 7pm to 2am. For more details, please visit the official Singapore Night Festival 2013 website.

The Magic Melody

Like last year, the Singapore Art Museum’s facade is also covered with a video mapping projection, transforming it into a canvas of colourful video displays. Several tablets were installed in front of the museum, allowing you to manipulate and change the video display.

The Magic Melody at the Singapore Art Museum
Aided by his father, a kid haves fun manipulating the video projection on an iPad installed in front of the museum.

Water Light Graffiti

Reminiscent of the Magic Doodle drawing pad which kids play with, the Water Light Graffiti is a giant LED display created by Antonin Fourneau. Each of the LED “pixels” has a moisture-sensitive sensor, and lights up in the presence of moisture. Using a damp sponge, visitors can create their own drawings on the board, lasting till the water evaporates.

Creator of the Water Light Graffiti Antonin Fourneau demonstrating how it works.
Antonin Fourneau poses for a water while showing us how the “pixels” light up when sprayed with water from the spray bottle.
The sensors are sensitive enough to detect even the moisture from your breath, lighting up for a brief moment.

Paper Planes

As its name suggests, the installation is an interpretation of what could be an airport, with multi-coloured paper planes taking off from a box in all directions.

Paper Planes


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