Autumn In Japan

Maple leaves near Lake Kawaguchiko

I wanted a short break last year and decided to go to Tokyo with my friend Clarence. After accounting for each other’s schedules, I was rather happy to know that the final date we settled on is just about right for see the fall colours in Japan. So, other than fulfilling my wish to see and photograph Mt. Fuji, I got to see the beautiful fall colours as well.

Many people travel to Japan in Autumn to see the fall colours, and I personally have several friends who were there around the same period as us, too. In fact, David went a week later and even had his first solo exhibition titled “Tokyo Dreaming“! Another friend, Jerome, went to Kyoto during the same period and took some great shots of Autumn in Kyoto. Looks like everyone is there!

My first experience with the fall colours is in Ueno Park in Tokyo.

Fall Colours at Ueno Park
A jogger runs among the fall colours in Ueno Park.

However, it wasn’t until we travelled to Hakone and subsequently to Lake Kawaguchiko that we saw the fall colours in full bloom. The best were those which we saw from the Hakone Ropeway.

Fall colours seen from the Hakone Ropeway.
Travelling along the Hakone Ropeway, with the full bloom of fall colours below.
Mt. Fuji (Fujisan) among the fall colours as seen from the Hakone Ropeway.

As we explored the area around Lake Kawaguchiko, we experienced more of the fall colours. Lake Kawaguchiko even has an area known as the Koyo Tunnel, which offers great views of Mt. Fuji surrounded by trees bursting with red and yellow leaves in autumn.

Maple leaves
Mount Fuji framed by the red leaves of the maple trees at the Koyo Tunnel at Lake Kawaguchiko.
A gate near the Kubota Itchiku museum
Trees outside the Kubota Itchiku museum turning red and yellow.

Another area around Lake Kawaguchiko to catch the fall colours is the appropriately named “Maple Corridor”, where maple trees line along a small canal.

A photographer takes a photo of the colourful trees along the Maple Corridor at Lake Kawaguchiko.
The colourful trees along the Maple Corridor.

Finally, back in Tokyo, we see more of the fall colours, this time in Yoyogi Park next to the Meiji Shrine.

Ginko trees turned golden with autumn colours in Yoyogi Park.
Fall colours surround the lake in Yoyogi Park.

It’s really amazing to see the beautiful fall colours in Japan. Hope to visit again sometime soon!

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