2012 – Year In Photos

As we come to the end of year 2012, I thought I’d put up some of my favourite shots which I’ve taken in 2012. I did a similar post last year, and so I shall continue with the spirt of things. ๐Ÿ™‚

The year started off with a rather bland and overcast day when I went out to shoot on 1 Jan 2012.

Pink hues appear in the sky as the day breaks at the Singapore Skyline on the first day of year 2012.

With all the media abuzz over the impending demise of the Bukit Brown Cemetery due to the planned building of a road across it, I made a trip down with Gilbert and David to take some photos.

Panoramic view of the tombstone of Ong Sam Leong, a prominent businessman in the late 19th century, surrounded by lush greenery of the Bukit Brown Cemetery. This took some time to locate, and we would have missed it if not for the tags placed by API nearby. This is the largest tombstone in the cemetery, spanning an area of ten 3-room HDB flats.
A group of 4 takes a walk in the lush green surroundings of Bukit Brown Cemetery.

In March 2012, the i Light festival was held in Marina Bay, lighting up the entire bay in colourful light installations. Although it’s the second installation, it’s the first time I ever saw and shot it.

A scene from the “Garden of Light” installation projected onto the “petals” of the ArtScience Museum. At the back, beams of light emanate as part of the “Wonder Full” light show at the Marina Bay Sands.
The Merlion “painted” in colourful shades of light projected onto its body. I was very happy that this shot was featured on the front cover of the Singapore Shopping Guide published by Asia City.

March also saw the appearance of the Venus and Jupiter conjunction, where the two planets align and show up as 2 bright spots in the sky. I was very lucky to be able to see and shoot it right out of my corridor.

Venus & Jupiter conjunction at my doorstep on 15 Mar 2012 09:31pm SGT. The brighter spot on the right is Venus, and the on the left is Jupiter.

The Singapore Arts Festival was held in May 2012, and I enjoyed covering it as well. The fringe activities are quite fun to watch (and shoot) though I hoped they’d have more conventional instead of avantgarde selections for their main programs.

A projection of a centaur as part of the “FLUX” performance onto a spray of water with the Singapore Skyline in the background.
Manolo Bez performs in “FLUX” at the main stage. I love the way the 2 shadows juxtapose with him and his horse.
A scene from the performance “XII – In Search of 13” at the Singapore Arts Festival.

The South gardens of Gardens by the Bay opened to the public in June. I had the opportunity to get a media preview of the beautiful gardens and also to revisited it to get more shots. The Supertree Grove is especially pretty in the evening.

Lit Supertrees from the Supertree Grove at dusk.
The Supertrees and Marina Bay Sands during the “Magic Hour”.

Yet another astronomical event happened in July – The formation of the celestial triangle formed by a crescent moon, Venus and Jupiter.

Jupiter, Venus and the moon form a triangle in the pre-dawn sky on 16 July 2012. The planet at the top is Jupiter, followed by Venus and the crescent moon below.

After not shooting the National Day fireworks for a number of years, I decided to give it ago again this year. YS and I went to the Bay East Gardens, part of the Gardens by the Bay where it’s less crowded than the usual spots around Marina Bay.

National Day 2012 Fireworks

The Merlion celebrated its 40th birthday on 15 Sep 2012 with a 4-day birthday bash at the Merlion Park. For the second time in the year, we see the Merlion “painted” in colourful splashes of light. The celebration also surrounded the Merlion with pyrotechnics, dancers and a specially commissioned piece of music.

A burst of pyrotechnics starts the show celebrating the 40th birthday of the Merlion.
A colourfully-lit Merlion spouting water into the bay. This is the second time in the year which the Merlion was “painted” with colourful splashes of light.

September also brought to us the Singapore Night Festival, which was held over 2 weekends. The most exciting program had to be Fuerzabruta, a set of 3 performances by Ozono Produciones from Argentina.

La Argentina – featuring a dancer suspended by a cable at the end of a crane, spinning/flying around as the crane’s arm rotates.
Two dancers running horizontally across the silver curtain in “Corredoras”.
Dancers join hands as they “swim” in a shallow, suspended pool above the audience in “Mylar”.

In November, I visited beautiful Japan with my friend Clarence and saw the best of fall colours as well as the supposedly elusive Mount Fuji. I couldn’t be happier.ย ย There are more pictures of Japan which I’ll gradually post but here’re some of my favourites.

Two tourists walk along the coast of Lake Kawaguchiko outside the Kawaguchiko Natural Living Centre.
Mount Fuji framed by the red leaves of the maple trees at the Koyo Tunnel at Lake Kawaguchiko.
Fall colours near the Kubota Itchiku Museum at Lake Kawaguchiko.

And that’s all for now. I wish everyone a great year ahead.





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