Marina Bay Sands At Dusk (Or How I Failed to Shoot the Supermoon.)

I had originally set out to shoot the Supermoon which is supposed to happen on the 5th and 6th of May 2012. With some research and help from YS and excellent tools like Google Earth, we found that the moon will rise at about 6:20pm on 5 May 2012, at an azimuth of 106°. With some luck we should be able to get it to appear to rise behind the ArtScience Museum beside the Marina Bay Sands.

Very unfortunately, there was heavy rain in the early morning and the day remained gloomy thereafter. Seeing the skies are not completely covered with clouds, I headed to the Esplanade Bridge. Using the iPhone’s compass, I found a possible location, set up my camera on the tripod and waited. And waited.

One hour passed and there is still no sign of the moon, super or not. I saw that over at the horizon it was kind of cloudy and concluded that this is not going to work. With a heavy heart, I packed my gear and left, walking towards the Esplanade.

Then, magic happened. I saw pink hues forming in the skies and the glass facade of the Marina Bay Sands reflected some reddish hues from the sunset. I immediately setup my gear again and took a few shots, This was the first and the best I had, as the magic has faded as quickly as it came.

Marina Bay Sands against the pink hues of the sunset.

It was the consolation of the day and at least my trip is not wasted.


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