Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and Water Wheel

The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse was built in 1895 to safely guide ships traveling to Australia’s eastern ports. It’s situated at the most southerly point of Australia at Cape Leeuwin, and marks the point where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet. Unfortunately on the day when Clarence and myself visited it during our trip to Western Australia a few months ago, the lighthouse was closed for maintenance so we can only explore the surroundings. A short path flanked by the lighthouse keepers’ sheds lead us to the lighthouse from the ticket counter.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and Sheds
View of the light keepers' sheds from the lighthouse side.

One of the light keepers’ sheds is in the form of a lovely cottage-styled house. HDR imaging was employed here as the overcast sky was giving a rather large contrast range which was not possible to properly capture as a single frame.

Lightkeeper Cottage
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

You probably can’t tell from the photo but this is apparently the point where the Indian and Southern oceans meet. Click on the photo to view a larger version.

Panoramic shot of the point where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet.

Close by to the lighthouse is an old water wheel. Originally built in 1895 to bring fresh spring water to the light keepers, it eventually became disused. Over time, it was encrusted in a coating of limestone, “freezing” it in rock and time. Again, HDR imaging was used here to manage the high level of contrast in the scene.

Old Water Wheel near the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.
Another view of the old water wheel near the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, showing the Indian/Southern Oceans in the background.

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