Perth Sunset

A few months ago, my Krisflyer points were expiring, so I decided to redeem a return ticket to the furthest place which my points will let me. This turned out to be Perth, Western Australia. I also asked a long time friend of mine, Clarence, who agreed to come along as well.

The trip itself came 3 months later. We arrived in the afternoon, checked in to the hotel and headed to King’s Park. Because it’s late autumn the sun sets earlier and this made it a good time to catch a sunset pic before heading to dinner with 2 of my friends who have emigrated to Perth.

In King’s Park, on the way to the lookout, I saw that this. My cameras are still in my backpack, so I took out the iPhone 4 and snapped a pic.

Sunset at King's Park

We eventually got to the lookout where we can get a nice view of the skyline and a part of the Swan River. At this time, there are nice pink streaks across the sky which made a nice backdrop for the Perth skyline.

The Perth Skyline at sunset, shot from the lookout at King's Park in Perth, Western Australia.

A little while later, the “magic hour” came, the building lights came on and I made the evening shot of the skyline again. This is the best time to shoot night shots as the sky has not turned completely black, which gives a more interesting picture compared to one where the sky is completely black. Shooting at this time also prevents the some of the buildings from blending into the black sky.

Perth Skyline At Dusk

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